Monday, January 30, 2012

My lap top is dead, so here are my random notes from today...

Surgery day

Hung bag of fluids at midnight on the dot.

Did blood work and vitals at 6 am getting ready for surgery. Brought warm blankets in to bring Jacob's temp up.

Cleaned his face and eyes. He Checked his Facebook, caring bridge and texts one last time before pre op.

Took him to pre-op at 8:20

Jac was very calm in pre op. Was so happy he got to talk to Brie.

Dr Kebebew came and saw Jac in pre op. one of the neuro drs came by as well. I can't spell his name.

Took him to OR at 8:40. He was almost asleep from the "relaxing" meds the anesthesiologist gave him.

The surgical nurse, Richard Called at 9:22 and said surgery has started, is underway, laparscopic, made 15 mm incision and moving organs out if the way to see what needs to be done. Will call me every hour. Dr A and Dr K are both there. Dr A did positioning b/f surgery. 

10:30 Richard called and said they are still in laparoscopic. May be able to not open!!

Dr K came and talked to TD and me after surgery. Was able to remove tumor laparoscopically! As far as they know there were no important nerves involved in the removal. The nerves in that area are no named nerves. None of Jacob's organs were affected.
Dr A being in the surgery was the difference.

Dr A came out after the foot tumor was removed. Said they both appear to be schwannomas. Jacob's foot is going to be very sore.

Both drs said Jacob did great.

Jacob was brought down to his room at 2:30. He is highly medicated. He was very sick from anesthesia. They took him off fluids and took the huge IVs out that anesthesia put in.

He is very sleepy and for the most part been sleeping. I have been able to give him water and adjusted his foot. It has to be kept elevated. He's complained of pain and they are giving him morphine every hour.

Dr Kebebew came and checked on Jacob. Jac told him his back and foot hurt. Jacob told me his whole body hurts. Dr K said he back will be sore from the way he was laying.

Jacob is supposed to get up to us the restroom when he's ready. They are bringing in a walker and a machine to circulate the blood in his legs.

I will tell Jacob of the out pour of prayers and love he has received today when he is able to understand me. All I'm getting right now are moans and requests for water Surgery day

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