Monday, January 9, 2012

How was our weekend?


On Friday, Gavin and I packed a lunch, texted TD to meet us at Tom Brown
and headed to the park. Fifteen minutes into playtime, G was climbing
the big round metal stepping stones and fell backwards, hitting the back
of his little head. I'm sure you could hear the "bonk" across the entire
park and if the banging of G's head wasn't audible, then his screams
were. It was terrible. Gavin was very clear that he was done playing
and we went to find the perfect spot for our picnic. TD arrived just in
time to help us lay our blanket out and have a yummy lunch. It was a
beautiful day,
much needed after the many mornings in the low 20's earlier in the week.
Gavin ate his sandwich and blueberries and proceeded to wrestle with TD
and run around in his normal Taz fashion. We went back to the park and
played after lunch. G complained that his head hurt at the site where he
hit it, which, I thought, was normal considering. After the park, we
picked up Jacob from Leon and went home for naptime. G took a normal nap
and seemed ok when he woke up. While at dinner, he started to complain
that his head hurt, but he ate like he always does. We walked around the
craft store and Toys R Us and got home around 9 pm. G asked to watch
Cars 2 and he and I were in bed at 11, which is the every-night norm for

I noticed he looked extremely tired and asked him if he felt ok. He said
his forehead hurt and started to toss and turn. I got the flash light
out and looked at his pupils. They were responding well and were
symmetrical. I was still concerned so I stayed up and watched him for a
little over an hour. At 3 am, Gavin, who still sleeps with us, woke me
up asking where his Cars cars were and complaining of eye pain. I turned
on the light and he started to cry and then started to throw up. No
fever, no other signs of virus. I was terrified. I took Gavin to the tub
and TD sat with him while I called the paramedics. They came, took
Gavin's vitals and transported him to the hospital. After chasing my
yorkie, Grissom, down the road (who was also upset and thought it was a
great time to breakout) I gathered up all of our things and met TD and
Gavin in the ER. Gavin is lucky to have a dad who I know is just as
capable as mommy is of taking care of him, plus I've had more than
enough rides in the ambulance and we only live half a mile from the
hospital! Instead of being in triage, TD and G were in the waiting
room. The people around them were discussing (or really barking) how
long they had been waiting. Seven hours, four hours... What? Not with
my baby who could be reacting to a head injury! I have sat in the very
same ER, bleeding internally, back in 2006 for eleven hours. Wasn't
gonna go that way this morning, even if we had to take him to the other
hospital. After speaking with the nurse, she sat G down to take his
vitals and he started to throw up again (as horrifying as this was, this
was perfect timing since they got to see him in action).

They put us in triage and then, after an hour, took us to a room. Gavin
was miserable, but was happy to lay down in a bed. We darken the room as
much as possible and turned on some white noise (thanks, iPhone!).
Nothing was settling Gavin, but he did stay in the skinniest bed on the
planet. A very wonderful, very sweet X-ray tech named Michelle came and
took him for a CT. To my surprise, No IV and no contrast, thank
goodness. Gavin laid very still and was so super brave. TD and I were so
proud of him. Michelle gave him several really cool stickers, a Grem
included (if you don't know who Grem is, you must not have a little boy.
He's a Cars 2 character. The "bad orange racecar that's not a
racecar!"). We went back to room #10 and waited. I prayed for no brain
bleeds, no fractures and no brain swelling. I had thoughts of how to
contact the best neurosurgeon at Shands two hours from our house if
needed. Dreaded memories were surfacing of sitting in the waiting room
after Jacob's first ambulance ride and scans only to be told he had
multiple brain tumors. I was so scared. I know TD thought I had
overreacted as he said things like, "I know you can't help but think the
worst." Registration came in and asked for our $100 co pay and had me
sign many papers.

Next, the good news came. I almost burst into tears of joy when Gavin's
ER doctor came in and said she looked at his scans and everything looked
as it is meant to be. She did an exam and talked to Gavin. She said he
could be suffering from a mild concussion. Gavin hit his head in the
"nausea center" and said that the episodes of puking were most likely
related to that, that the brain had "reset" and realized that it hurt.
She ordered G zofran and Gatorade. He became extremely restless
(understandable given that it was somewhere around 6:00), begging to go
home. We found the Disney channel and passed the time. About an hour
later she came in again and said the radiology doctors read Gavin's CT
and he looks good. No swelling, cracking or bleeds. We could go home.
Poor TD had Jacob's Boy Scout Christmas Tree Lot takedown and had to
change out of yucked up clothes from the ER and leave again. He's a
good daddy! I changed our bed sheets, G and I took a shower and I hope
to sleep peacefully the rest of the day.

P.S. Crazy baby slept from 8:15 to 11:30 and is up and ready to play.
Seems to be feeling just fine. TD and I are exhausted but so happy our
baby is ok and ready to take on the world again.

Whew :)

P.P.S  As of today, Monday, Gavin is still complaining that his head hurts, but we have had a great day and he is displaying normal behavior.  We made peanut butter bird seed bird feeder and did some maintenance to our winter garden. 
There is no question in my mind as to weather Gavin was sick from his fall - he hasn't show any other signs of virus or illness.  I am so thankful it wasn't as bad as it could of been.  It's nice to have answered prayers!

(Insert photo here - Haha, yea that would be nice to share some really good photos Of TD and Gavin from our pic nic at the park Friday, but I accidentally threw away our Cannon camera Friday night and the trash took our trash Saturday morning due to the holiday this past Monday. Nice hun.)


  1. I'm so glad everything is ok with Gavin. I would have been so terrified. Sorry to hear about you camera too I take pictures daily as I imagine you do. We hope you have a fantastic week, see you soon.