Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm so happy to share that Jacob and I are at home!!
Jacob is amazing and recovering so well.  He looks and feels good.  We've gone for walks, he's played video games with the boys, he's enjoyed visitors and he's up and awake for all of the day. Today TD took some time off work to be with Jacob and they went on a short walk around Tom Brown pond and Jacob went with me to pick up Gavin from KKP.  Our weather has been beautiful!
Jacob is still adjusting to the numbness in his right cheek, talking, drinking and eating.  He is working on that with daily exercises.  Yes! You can exercise your face :)  His balance is improving and the drops are helping with the dry eye.  If you don't blink your eye dries out.  Never thought of that.  Friday will be another milestone.  Jacob's stitches and staples will come out.  I will be taking Jacob to Dr. Rosenberg's office at Southeastern Plastic Surgery to have the stitches from his head and back removed and the staples from his abdomen taken out.  Jacob says he's ready.
Once again I can't express enough how thankful I am for everyone's support and prayers.  I am in awe of the out pour of help we received.  God is good and we are so loved and GRATEFUL!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

These photos should be hard for you to look at. NF2 robs our loved of the things we take for granted like hearing, seeing, eating without struggle, walking, smiling, and the use of their arms and legs. I'm sharing these photos to once again to show what Jacob has endured.
The good news we are headed home!!!