Monday, February 2, 2015

I decided to open my blog today. 

I was surprised that our journey hadn't been updated since June 2014.  I write posts and share pictures on Facebook frequently, but I love this blog, and I've seriously neglected it!

It was hard to get past the unfinished post from late August, attempting to share my daddy’s journey from heart surgery to death.  Everything still reminds me of him, and that he isn't here.  As if I needed that reminder that I miss him so much.  Maybe one day I can finish the story, and maybe I could even write a story about him and not about his death.  Today, however, is not that day.  I can’t even get through this paragraph without the tears flowing, without the painful heartbreak his loss brings me.  He was my person, my most favorite in this world.  The one and only person that loved me unconditionally for all 39 of my years, even when I was hard to love.  He loved me and was always there for me, no matter what.  I’m told it will get easier.  Not to accept his loss, but to focus on his life, the great man that he was.  I hope that day comes.

So there’s that.  In the midst of that terrible memory, however, there have been many other significant events that have taken place since my last post.  Jacob started chemotherapy again, began his senior year, and completed his Eagle Scout rank.  Jacob’s Eagle Scout project was awarded the Suwannee River Area Council’s 2014 Eagle Scout Project of the Year award, which is such a huge accomplishment for him!  Brie is now a junior at Leon, has a great job at Target, and is driving!!  TD accepted another promotion, moving back to his first career “home” in Finance and Accounting, started running faithfully, and will join me in welcoming a new baby boy, Grady, come August 2015!  Along with our new pregnancy, I completed my 10 month, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification and have had the privilege of teaching yoga at Badass Fitness and Journeys in Yoga over the past few months.  We also moved and have a new-to-us home in our most beloved area of Tallahassee.  

It seems like so long ago, but I guess it happened since the last post, too!  Gavin started Kindergarten!  Oh my goodness, with a bang!  We love his school (Roberts Elementary), his teacher is fantastic and we have already been on two field trips.  In October, we took a trip to the Pumpkin Farm in Gadsden County, and last month we enjoyed the play “Cinderella” at the Young Actors Theater.  G’s first report cards have been all “A’s” (which makes Daddy proud), he’s earned 5 Toe Tokens in PE (which makes Gavin and Jacob proud) and he’s brought home some pretty impressive artwork (which makes Mommy and Brie-Brie proud)! 
Gavin was tested and accepted into gifted and began his first gifted classes in January.  Gifted is held at his school and he goes every day for an hour or so.  He seems to love it so far, and Daddy couldn’t be more excited for him!  Gavin easily makes friends and although his work skills are always rated excellent, his talking gets him into a bit of trouble (like his mommy J).  He even called himself a “chatterbox” at dinner last week.  Those words never came from my mouth!

As for sports, G is still in Truesdell’s Rocket man gymnastics three days a week, is currently playing soccer on the City of Tallahassee Roberts Strikers and made his first two goals this past Saturday, and will start Atom League Baseball at the end of next month.  His favorite activity is still to RUN!  I was a proud mommy watching him finish his first swim-run in July for the TTY.  He ran the Miller Madness Cross Country 3K in October and raised a lot of money and even earned some prizes for his school’s Boosterthon, running all 36 laps.  On January 24th, Gavin took 2nd place in the 1 mile race for his age group (0-6) at the Trent Trot 5K and 1 mile.  The run was held at his school and raised funds for Trent’s Childhood Cancer Foundation.  In the afternoon you can always find Gavin and Jacob in the front yard playing football.  G is a beast throwing and catching the football, but I do not want him to play such a rough sport.  No judgment, please.  I just can’t handle it!  

Our Doodlebug isn't only smart and athletic, but also funny and sweet.  Just this morning I found my tooth brush hidden in my jewelry box, and I can see him pausing at school, giggling to himself, thinking that I may be going all day with fuzzy teeth!  Yes, I just used daddy’s tooth brush if you were wondering J!  My other treasure was hid well, on my nightstand.  I discovered an ancient parchment (a sticky note) that says, “I love you with all my heart,” compliments of Gavin.  He frequently puts his head on my belly and says, “I can’t wait for our baby to come.” This week he is now calling baby by name.  Don’t get me wrong, he can be too rough, choose not to listen, and gets super grumpy, but we love all of those things about him, too.  The little person that he is growing into leaves us feeling very proud and grateful.  Gavin is the most amazing child, the sunshine in our lives. 

Obviously Gavin was the best subject to start my writing again!  We’ll end this as one of those to-be-continued stories…

We loved having family visit in January and look forward to even more company now that we have a house that can actually sit a few adults!  We have lots of Spring plans, including building a swing arbor and expanding our garden, continuing (more like finishing) some home improvements, and taking Gavin to Sea World for his birthday.  There will be plenty to write about once the temperature rises!

As always, thank you for reading and following our family’s journey! 

A few photos from January 2015!!