Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Dear Lord,

Thank you for Jacob, Brie and Gavin.

I started a Bible study class a few weeks ago and I am enjoying the weekly lessons very much. I also started keeping a prayer journal. I know God knows all things, but in my journey to learn to pray more and talk to God more, I am keeping a journal also.

I struggle with finding the time to stick to my commitment with daily “Gavin” activities, household chores, therapies, art and dance classes, etc, etc. I’m determined to finish what I started though! Three weeks down, ten to go.

We all know the struggles families face trying to get it all done. Throw in double ear infections, your husband being out of town and a school project and things quickly fall behind. I would love to write a detailed summary of all the wonderful things going on in our home, but one of my prayer journal entries will have to do.

Dear Lord,

I come to you today with a heavy heart about so many things, but you already know what these things are and I know you are holding me firmly through them. Today instead of laying more of my grief into your hands I want to say thank you for a few of my many blessing you have given me. Given us.

I am so thankful for Jacob. He is an inspiration to me and to everyone he comes in contact with in his life. He constantly amazes me. I am so proud of his recent advancements in Boy Scouts. Jacob is now a First Class ranked Boy Scout! He also earned his Carpentry and Forestry merit badges over the past few weeks. These are difficult accomplishments that took a lot of time and effort. Thank you for the wonderful group of men and women at Troop 23 who put so much time into working with Jacob and thank you for Thomas who puts in countless hours making sure Jacob gets to Boy Scouts and works with him to make sure he gets everything finished and understands what he is doing. I am also extremely proud of Jacob for making the A/B Honor Roll on his recent report card. Eighth grade is not easy and he is working so hard. I am very thankful, Lord, that you brought both Jacob and Thomas back home safely to me from their trip to Pensacola to see the Blue Angels. They both said they had a wonderful time and were able to have some much needed time together to remember what it is like to be best buddies and enjoy boy stuff. I worry so much about us growing apart from our children as they get older. Times like TD and Jacob shared this weekend are so few and precious. I am thankful they were able to spend this much needed time together. I was also very proud to watch Jacob march in the Veteran’s Day Parade last week with his troop. I pray that all three of my children will always appreciate their freedom and love our country.

Thank you, Lord, for Brie. Wow, she is so bright and shiny! Even in our moments of clashing I can feel the beautiful force she carries inside her all the time. I am also extremely proud of her for making the A/B Honor Roll. Her Math and Science Magnet classes are very hard and I know at times she thinks she can’t do them. Thank you for helping us push her and encourage her to do well. It is so hard at times. Please help me remind her everyday that she can do it, that she is smart enough and if she continues to do her best she will come out at the top. I am thankful that Brie was brave enough to enter her first oil painting in the Fine Arts Youth Competition at the North Florida Fair this month. Even though she didn’t place I was incredibly proud to see her art displayed in a public place to be shown off to everyone we know. I love her apple. It would be the one I would want to eat for sure. I love all of Brie’s artwork. I thought it was the best apple by far, but I know it is always about doing your best and not being afraid to jump in with all your heart. Putting yourself out there. If you don’t take the chance you will never have the experience, regardless of whether you win or lose. Thank you for creating Brie with creativity and color in her spirit, heart and soul. She truly is so beautiful, inside and out. I can’t wait to see the piece she is working on now. I am also enjoying watch Brie dance every week. I’ve always thought she was built to be a dancer, but I was worried about her giving up soccer and going back to dance, especially after being out for three years. I think it was a good choice for her. She is working hard and doing a great job and once again I can see that she loves to dance like she did when she was younger. I am very thankful for that hour each week when I can just sit and be entertained by only her. It feels good to be able to give her all of my attention.

Dear Lord, thank you for Gavin. He is a true blessing for us all. It is hard to believe he will be 19 months this week. The time seems to go by faster and faster the more I wish for it to slow down. As Gavin grows and changes with new discoveries every day, I could write a book of all of the little things he does that make me proud. Like starting to sing his A B Cs or counting. He counted to ten twice now! He knows all of his shapes and is doing well learning his colors. Thank you for making him so vocal. There isn’t much he can’t say and say fairly clear. A child without good communication skills would get lost in the circus at our house. Gavin can very much hold his own in any conversation we are having! I was very proud of the recent results of Gavin’s “First Words” evaluation through the Florida State School of Medicine. He scored on and above a two year old level with his speech and communication skills. I am also very proud of him for successfully moving from his crib into a toddler bed. We are on day 11 and he has not climbed out once. Lord, more sleep is really a blessing!

I am so thankful for all three of my children. I am thankful for every kiss, every hug, every text, every sigh, every good and bad moment I have with them. You have truly blessed me with very unique and special children. Please continue to help me be a better mom to them and always show them love. The unconditional love that you show all of us.

Thank you, Lord!