Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Jacob had an ok night last night. Much better than Monday night.  He got up many times throughout the night and only had one melt down over foot pain, talking his nurses into one more dose of morphine.  TD was more than exhausted today, but he was glad J had moved around so much during the night.  

Jacob's doctors both came in early this morning and took his bandages off his right side and his foot. 

After the bandages were off TD got J up and in the shower. When Gavin and I got here this morning Jacob was clean and dressed in his FSU pajamas. He still needs to brush his teeth. They are growing fur at this point. (Maybe I shouldn't write things like that now since Jacob has so many people reading my posts, naaa lol.)

Speaking  of Gavin and I coming up the hill to the hospital this morning- as a Floridian you know you're homesick when the sun hits you in the face for the first time in days and you burst out into tears. I can't explain how good it felt this morning to see and feel Mr. Sun. It was a gorgeous morning.  I love being outside and in the sun. Haven't seen it since Saturday and that was the only day last week. Anyway I knew it would be a good day. 

Jacob ate well today and took another long walk down the hall. We tried to change our flight to tomorrow with TD but we weren't able to. We are going home Friday and Jacob will spend the night we G and me at the inn tomorrow night. We made arrangements for Jacob to have a wheel chair and assistance at the airports. 

The hospital is nice but I'm glad it's our last night here. 

We had a wonderful visit from my high-school friend, Casey and her beautiful daughters. She baked goodies for Jacob that were delicious. I have meat muffins to eat for breakfast tomorrow for the first time. Ever heard of those? We all went to the car show together Friday night but it was nice to get to see them twice in a week. They moved from Tallahassee to DC last summer. 

We also had visits from Garrett and his dad who are here for the NF2 study and KC who is here for surgery with Dr. A. They are traveling from San Diego, CA.  So nice to meet them after chatting online and texting. I wish Jacob was feeling better and more social but I was able to have a nice chat and next time hopefully will be a better situation for Jacob. 

Jacob is still uncomfortable but for the most part his pain is under control. 

I'm tired and Jacob needs to go to bed. He hasn't napped all day, but Jacob and his new roommate from Lafayette, LA are having a great time chatting and watching Only In America with Mater, I mean Larry the Cable Guy. He's texting away also so I know he is feeling better. Glad J is happy :) 

I will be up at 6:30 am to wish TD safe travels and get my little G who really wants to "go home mom." I keep telling him it will be soon. 

Brie - 48 hours baby! Only 48 more hours. I can't wait to see you. I miss you so much.