Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday Team Jacob G! Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas and Happy sweet 16 birthday to Chason Grimes!!

I just wanted to write a quick note and let everyone know that Jacob is doing great!!!
He's really recovered well from this last fusion surgery! 
I was a happy mama watching Jacob and G play their form of kick ball at our picnic on Tuesday and seeing Jacob get to be the big the big brother that he loves to be, chasing G around the playground at Tom Brown. 
Jacob has started back with OT and PT and his left hand is getting better at each appointment. 
We got a great home bound teacher coming in working with Jacob three times a week and Jac is doing pretty good with the work he's been given. I see a huge difference in Jac without the stress of six hours of school every day. 
Jacob has started back to Scouts and is working on a Bird merit badge. One step closer to Eagle!! 
Now I pray for it to last! Jacob needs time to enjoy his life, to live without pain and to continue to heal physically and emotionally with less stress!!

We go to Shands next week for post op and NIH July.