Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the spirit of championship football this weekend, Jacob and I are getting the “I heart Jesus” eyeblack out, putting our game faces on and getting pumped up to tackle the upcoming trip to DC! I know it’s early in the blog, but on a side note… Yes, I’m hoping for another Pats v. Giants Superbowl. I would be happy to see Eli bring home the win, but I wouldn't be disappointed with either one winning. Really, who are the 49’ers and Ravens? Oh, and my poor Colts… Peyton, I really missed you this year. Please don’t retire! Back to the story…

On a more serious note, I’m packing, checking paperwork and reservations and mentally preparing myself for what the next two weeks have in store for us.

Jacob, Gavin and I are flying out of Tallahassee on Sunday morning to take Jacob to the National Institute of Health for all of Jacob's bi-annual testing, imaging and doctor visits. Then, after a weekend of fun (hopefully, weather permitting!), Jacob will be admitted to the hospital wing for surgery on his right adrenal gland. Our tentative agenda for week one looks like this:

Week of January 22, 2012

• Sunday is our travel day.

• Monday Jacob will have labs, his 3 hour morning MRI with contrast for brain and spine and his delayed, no contrast MRI in the afternoon.

• Tuesday brings CT scans, with and without contrast, of his adrenal glands and surrounding area in preparation for surgery on January 30th. After the CT’s we will meet with Dr. Electron Kebebew in the Endocrine Clinic to discuss the CT results and surgery. Tuesday afternoon, Jacob will have his two-hour hearing screening, audiogram and ABR testing.

• Wednesday Jacob has his three-hour vestibular testing (balance testing). We’ll be in the eye clinic on Wednesday afternoon for an appointment and another appointment with Dr. Kim, the ENT.

• Thursday is the "big" morning when we get to meet with Dr. Asthagari and he goes over the entire MRI finding and changes... or non-changes. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have no changes?

After typing this I realized I don't have the time for Jacob’s ped’s oncology with Dr. Warren... adding that to the list of things to do. And now you know my secret, this is more for me than it is for you! (“CHECK”….since I typed this yesterday I have learned Jacob’s Pediatric Oncology appointment with Dr. Warren is at 8:00 am Monday after his labs and before his MRIs.)

If any of you have any free time next week, please continue praying for us. For safe travels, for strength, energy, and patience and, most of all, for us to find the calm in the storm. Please pray for Jacob and the many things he is dealing with and for him to keep pushing through. He won't complain. He won't say he is worried or scared, but I know he is and I know that in order to get through this, we need God's love and the support of our family and friends.

I will do my best to keep everyone updated and post often.

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