Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Around noon today Jacob’s nurse brought him a drug called toradol. It is an anti inflammatory drug. This was the turning point of Jacob’s day. After the infusion of toradol, a percocet (his dose was lowered) and a yummy lunch Jacob felt much better. He was still uncomfortable with tummy pain, foot pain and over all soreness from surgery, but he was some where between the doped up zombie, feeling no pain and the miserable moaner from the hours before. They had found a balance and Jacob was able to cope better with what he needed to do.  TD spent a lot of time with him today being a positive motivator!  Jacob knows I can be a push over.

As of tonight Jacob and I have had many strolls around his room and he has gotten up many times to take a few steps.  He made one trip all the way down the hall with TD. It’s a long hall. Soon he will be able to take the circulation cuffs and pump off his legs and the hot circulation socks.

Jacob has eaten lots of food and is drinking fluids well.

Since Jacob was breathing very shallow last night and his temperature has been a bit elevated since surgery he was given an Incentive Spirometer. Getting him to use it last night was a challenge, but this afternoon and today he is working very hard getting to the level his respiratory therapist has requested. An Incentive Spirometer is ”a small, handheld device that is used after surgery to help you expand your lungs and cough up any secretions from your lungs. It also helps maintain your normal breathing pattern and measures your inspiratory volume, or how well your lungs are being filled with air when you breathe in. In addition, the incentive spirometer will help you exercise your lungs, just as if you were going through your normal daily routine.”

Jacob also had blood work done to check his red blood cells to make sure he doesn’t have any internal bleeding. The appearance of his belly suggests that everything is healing right, but his pain was worrisome. His levels came back normal as they expected.

They are also watching Jacob’s blood pressure because some of the unnamed nerves where Franklin was removed may control blood pressure for that area. Does that make sense?

From what we can tell so far, Jacob doesn’t seem to have lost any sensation from the surgery.

His foot is killing him, but he can move his ankle and his toes and the tendon for his big right toe was not involved or harmed when the tumor was removed.

We had nice visits from a social worker, a Chaplin and a volunteer from the Children’s Inn.

Jacob and I watched Max Payne this afternoon and were able to chat some.

Gavin was really good today at the hospital for me.  We all ate lunch and dinner together and Gavin and I spent a long time in the playroom.  We made Jacob a BIG get well soon card.  Jacob also got mail today at the Inn, mailed from Brie and TD before TD left Tallahassee.  Jacob loved his cards.  Brie also sent Gavin a card with Cars stickers and tattoos.  G enjoyed picking a tattoo for Jacob.  J is now wearing a "Piston Cup" trophy tattoo on his neck.  May look kind of strange if you don't know Jacob has an almost three year old little brother who loves Disney Cars.

Dr. A came in again this evening and checked on Jacob.  We will see him again tomorrow.  Dr. A is hoping to be able to sit with TD and go over Jacob's scan and talk with him about Jacob's C-7 spinal tumor.  This is per my request, so I am not the only one bearing the weight of this information.  I need to know that what I think I am hearing, I am also understanding correctly.  I recorded Jacob's appointment with Dr. A this past Thursday, but having him talk to TD will be even better if received first hand. 

TD is with Jacob tonight. Gavin and I are at the Inn and I am about to get some sleep.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Jacob is a special boy to have so many people praying for him and cheering him on!

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