Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jacob has had a great day! 

Most of you have seen his video and can see he's got some good movement on the right side of his face. 

Today he took two walks down the hall with a walker. The second stroll was tripple as far as the first. He does stop and close his eyes randomly to control the dizziness. Jacob had his lunch sitting up in a chair and is eating well. We've been released from PICU but since the Peds floor is full we are staying put. It's not a bad deal. We are in a private room with a beautiful view and on the floor schedule. That means no more neuro checks every hour and he's off the monitors. He's down to one IV and it's his port access. Wound care doctors came and looked at his bum. The spot of pain is a bruise. It responded well to pressure, turning white under the red means the cells under the skin are alive and a blister should not form. Dr. said it should feel better soon. Jacob continues to have 15 ccs of spinal fluid drained every 2 hours. He went most of the day pain free but has a bad headache now and is going to bed. He's been switched to oral pain meds. The dressing on his abdomen incision was changed and they kept the drain in. Jacob's been on the phone and in good spirits. Dr. A was happy with his progress. Oh & I love our nurse, lol. Sorry for the complaining this morning!

I had a nice quick lunch with lovely woman named Mary today from the UMC here and now Im hoping to get a nap. 

Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you have a lot of fun tonight. 

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