Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Dr. A came in twice today.  Once this morning and once this afternoon.  He said that Jacob looked good several times.  I could tell he was disappointed that Jacob's facial functions was not as good as right after surgery this morning and this afternoon when he saw that it was continuing to digress he said they would continue to watch it.  He said more than once too that the lack of weakness right after surgery is a good indication that better function will return in a few months.  Jacob keeps telling me he is having a hard time because of the swelling, but the swelling doesn't look too bad this evening.  He was really tired when Dr. A came in this afternoon so I am hoping the exhaustion is contributing.  Only time will tell. Dr. A told me this morning the blood was ok in the spinal fluid line.  This evening he said he wanted to see that starting to clear up.  He spent a little while shaking the line to get the blood spots to flush through.  As of his last 15 cc drain, which happens every two hours, there is still blood. I keep reminding myself that his brain has been through a great trauma.  I should be praising the time I had with him today and not complaining about what isn't going by the text book!!  

I have been able to spend time with one of the pastors here from the UMC on campus, Rocky.  She is wonderful.  She said with me until Dr. A left me after he was done with surgery.  She prayed with me and came and visited Jacob and I today.  I wasn't sure sitting with a stranger on the most stressful day of my life would be good for me, but God, once again, knew better than me.  I am so happy she was there.  I look forward to keeping in touch with yet another beautiful person God has sent me! Thank you Jane!!

Jacob is up for an antibacterial birdbath soon by his nurse and in the morning he will have an MRI.  I thought Dr. A was kidding when he said they have a person who removes braces if they junk up the images, but they really do.  The nurse said they have to use them often for trauma patients.  Makes sense.  Hoping for one MRI and not having to take his dang braces off again!!

I will say that Jacob is dealing with a lot of very frustrating things, like confusion and dizziness, but his pain is mild when he is laying down and I am thankful for this!

I'm not sure what I am forgetting to report.  I am in a fog, I have spent the day by Jacob's side or dozing for five mins here and there.  We are moving right along.  As far as I know Jacob will stay in ICU one more night and we will go from there.  He is waking up now!! and he's hungry.  I love grilled midnight snacks!! And the Red Sox win the World Series!

 I will continue to praise God for his good works in Jacob and be thankful!!  I am also so thankful for all of you!! You are amazing and I am one lucky mama to have all of you loving us!!

Happy Halloween friends!! I will miss spending this fun night with my little doodle bug, but I know he is going to have the best time and that's what's important!!

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