Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hi, my name is grumpy! 

Jacob's RN for the last 12 hours has been great to Jacob, but I'm ready for the nursing rotation this morning. It can't happen fast enough. I'm a fully aware that I am a pain in the butt, demanding you get it right parent and that you don't over baby and over medicate. I understand its annoying to constantly have to answer questions, but get over it. The lack of respect can be beyond frustrating to me. Don't insult me. I may not be on staff, but I know my son and I will not be ignored. Yes, lack of sleep intensifies these negative feelings. I am internally stewing and watching the clock for the shift change. My kindness is sweating bitterness and there maybe a snap drawing near! 

The little boy next to us is scared. He cries in pain and fear every few hours. Maybe he'd like a new nurse too. 

Ok vent over...

MRI with contrast done. Jacob went down at 5:30 am. I told then that Dr A was going to look at him first and then decide if today was the best day for the MRI but that didn't happen. I also told them that I wanted them to do it later because all of his doctors usually come around 6 am. But whatever. Jacob had his MRI with contrast and it's over. It was not fun as you can imagine but it's done and Jacob is happy that's behind him. Jacob did miss Dr Kesser's resident who came to remove the drain from the abdomen and change the dressing. They may leave it off for a while too. He's coming back after his first surgery so that will happen later today. Hoping with the drain out the incision will bother him less. It starting hurting last night. Neuro came in too and they will also come back later. We haven't see Dr A. I wish he would come in. Jacob looks better this morning. His facial weakness seems to have improved. I've asked the nurses to not give him any ativan until he sees Dr A. It makes Jacob so sleepy and non responsive. He only had it once yesterday. Jacob is still getting Zofran, antibiotics, steroid and pain medication, Fentanyl. Today PT is going to get Jacob up to walk. He needs to move around more. He's getting so stiff and he's in the "fear place" he gets into where he's scared move. Mind over matter!! 

Day 2 recovery underway. 

God grant me patience and flood my emotions with kind thoughts! 

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