Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 3 - 27 treatments to go. YES, we are counting. 
I'm feeling very tired from sleepless nights and all these zapping sounds are breaking my heart this morning, not that they weren't the past two days but this is our earliest appointment yet and I think all the machines are going off right now. The lobbies are full of bald adults trying to cover their cancer with wigs, hats, or scarves. This morning there is a beautiful woman sitting across from me, many years younger than me waiting on her time with the beam. Most of the women pass by in pink gowns, obviously covering their breasts for treatment. We've seen a few children but only in passing walking back and forth from the Cancer Center to the RMH. Even the house has mostly moms who have delivered their premature babies at Winnie Palmer and they are now in the PICU and will be for weeks. There are very few kids there, actually staying in the house, just their families. We have spent weeks at the NIHs Children's Inn but not more than a few days here and there at RMH in Gainesville or here. NIH is very different. 
I am happy to mark another day off our calendar. Jacob is doing really well. He's been a little tired and suffered moments of nausea but overall feels good. He will be out soon and we can start our day. I have a fun day planned! 

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