Monday, January 28, 2013

This post is way past due I know! I've been updating Jacob's Facebook Team page via my phone, but haven't been able to get on the computer until tonight.

Here are my posts from the past few days, unedited. It's the easiest way for me to update :)


Jacob had a CT scan and we met with the neuro surgeon and his ARNP for pre op. Today has been awful. The "I told you so" was ugly and I felt like the way the doctor spoke to Jacob today was unkind. When they told us Jacob needed to be admitted and placed into traction I became upset and started asking questions. The doctors' response was very blunt. He told Jacob that if traction didn't work he would have to "break his neck" during surgery. So Jacob spent several hours worried about how horrible a traction was going to be and we were finally taken to a room in Peds around 3:00 pm. Jacob was accessed and given pain medications. The neuro resident used a local numbing agent via needle on either side of Jacob's head where the traction would be screwed in. Jacob laid perfectly still during the procedure. I was so proud of him and moved by his bravery! Watching them place the traction was by far one of the worst things I have ever witnessed be done to my child. Child Life came in and took Gavin to play during the process. TD and Brie are coming down later. We had no idea Jacob would be admitted much less have this horrible traction. The purpose is to stretch his muscles and align his spine. Jacob can't move or get out of bed. His head and neck are suspended and will be until tomorrow.


Thursday morning

Last night was hard. They nurses came in to check on Jacob every 30 minutes, to check his vitals and make sure his pain was under control. The resident came in every few hours to put more weight on the traction thingy. Jacob's machine beeped all night and we got very little sleep. I was really glad Brie stayed with us to keep us company. Jacob didn't get a room mate until around 5:30 am. The neuro team came to take Jacob to pre-op at 6:00 am. I was so upset that they transported Jacob to the pre-op area still attached to the traction and 30 lbs hanging from his head. We sat in pre-op until 8:05 am and I said goodbye with a heavy heart. As I am crying Jacob said, "Mama, why are you crying?" I usually can hold it in until he is taken away, but I could not today. He was so brave and said, "I'll see you soon."

Thursday afternoon

Jacob's surgery is over. Sigh. The doctor said he did very well and everything went as planned! His fusion is from C-5 to T-3 We haven't seen Jacob yet, but they will let us know when he is in PICU. Thank you all for your many prayers and support! I will keep everyone updated.


I'm so happy to log on this afternoon and report that Jacob had a really good recovery day today! After one of the Neuro residents came in this morning at 6:00 am and saw how much pain Jacob was in all night (night two with NO sleep) they ordered an anti inflammatory drug, toradol. Jacob always responds really well with toradol. Jacob's Neuro surgeon came in around 9 am and got him out of bed and showed him his before and after images. Jacob has been up walking with his walker several times and is taking a well deserved nap. He is still on other pain medications but a lower dose. He's eating, drinking and integrating. Tomorrow the dressings come off and he can shower. I think The spot where they removed a rib to use in the fusion may hurt more than the spinal incision.
Jacob continues to amaze me. I am forever grateful for all of your support!!! 

 I will post pics :)



Saturday morning the bandages came off

Jacob's newest battle scars! The stitches look very different than staples. Jacob's got some new hardware and had a rib removed, grinded and placed to help support his spine. J's Neuro surgeon said they may remove the titanium after about 18 months of healing.

Saturday morning

I am rested and ready to get post op day 2 over and closer to heading home. TD stayed with Jac last night so I could sleep. He said Jacob slept well. The neuro doctor came in and removed Jacob's bandages. Jacob has made the transition from IV pain meds to oral and is not handling it well. It didn't feel well during PT and is struggling with getting comfortable.

Sunday morning

It's 6 am and I am watching the door like a hawk for Jacob's doctor to come in. It was a sleepless, upsetting night in Jacob's room, but not because of Jacob. He's doing pretty good.
Early yesterday afternoon a little boy came up from the ER and was placed in the room with us. He was racing motocross at Gatorback and flipped off his bike. He's had x rays, been taken for a CT, is in a neck collar, can't sit up, eat or drink. He has cried, whimpered and whinnied all night. His machines are constantly beeping. Jacob and I feel so bad for him. It doesn't help that his grandparents keep leaving him and he gets scared.
He has a broken collar bone and tummy cramps. I hope he gets relief soon.
I also hope so much that Jacob gets discharged this morning. Right now wouldn't be too soon. We didn't expect to go home so soon but he's on oral pain meds, eating, drinking and walking. It's time.

The rest of our family and Jacob's family all made it home safely to Tallahassee, St. Pete, and Thomasville last night. Really looking forward to saying the same for us tonight!

Sunday afternoon

Jacob and I are home and he's survived another tough day of transition and recovery. May the at home healing begin!!!

First neighborhood stroll :)

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