Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan 15, 2013 8:11 AM
Jacob's surgery is scheduled for Thursday, January 24, 2013. He will
have pre-op and possibly a CT scan on the Wednesday before. David
Pincus, MD, will perform the surgery at Shands UF in Gainesville. We've
been told he performs many fusions and is the go-to pediatric
neurosurgeon for many scoliosis patients who need fusions. Jacob has a
positive history with Dr. Pincus and we trust him completely. He did
Jacob's craniotomy for optic nerve decompression with Dr. Lewis in 2009.
He's followed Jacob since he was eight years old. I don't know what time
the surgery will start and I don't know the details of the surgery. We
will learn all of that next Wednesday and I will share more then.

Today, Jacob was discharged from his beloved OT, Judy, to start
occupational therapy at a neurological clinic. We will miss Judy very
much. Jacob has seen her every week for the last five years. She's been
a blessing in our lives.

Tomorrow, Jacob will have PT with Amy and Wednesday Jacob will meet his
new occupational therapist. Wednesday afternoon the boys and I will
drive four hours to Orlando to see Jacob's pediatric neuro-oncologist to
do labs, a heart echo and make sure his is still tolerating the chemo well. I'm assuming we will wait to change his seizure drug unless it can safely be done in a week.

I'm in great need of positive energy and prayers.

Jacob is in good spirits knowing there's a very high chance he will be
pain free (and hopefully a little less wobbly!) after surgery.

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