Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday, 01-06-2013

Jacob and I are in flight to DC as I type this note. My heart is heavy with worry about what Jacob's tests and scans will tell us this week. My mind is racing with all the things I need to ask about and with what is going to be required of us next. My biggest fear is leaving without answers and without a definite plan.

On a much brighter note, our flight was quick and easy. Casey and family were at the terminal when we arrived in DC and the temperature was surprisingly mild outside. We had a comfort meal of chili dogs, big bowls of different types of chili and chicken wings. Everyone was disappointed to see the Redskins lose their playoff game, but seemed satisfied they had a great season. We’re wishing for strong healing for RGIII to return next year for a productive second season and lots of points for TD’s fantasy football teams (Amen!). Jacob and I enjoyed chatting with Ben, Casey and their girls and were very thankful to make a few happy memories before starting our stressful week. Thank you, Ben, for treating us to dinner at the Hard Times CafĂ©!

I love our room at the Children's Inn. It's in the "D" wing and overlooks the front of the Inn. I'm not sure why it's my favorite... Maybe because it’s the first wing we ever stayed in three years ago and it's the closest to the playroom. Maybe it's because it's the smallest area or the oldest part. Whatever the reason, I was very happy to get the key to D5. Oh, and it has a bath tub! After running 13.4 miles yesterday, a few Epsom salt baths will be necessary this week! A lot of the rooms here only have showers, which I know is important for handicap kids, but I'm happy to have a good ol’ tub this visit!

Jacob enjoyed hanging out with Savannah tonight and playing videos games. I didn't know she was going to be here, so it was a nice surprise when Jacob told me on the plane. I had a nice chat with Rebecca and got settled into our room.

Tomorrow Jacob will have blood work, an audio gram and abr testing for his hearing. In the afternoon, he will have a brain and spine MRI with and without contrast. Our groceries will be delivered (hopefully) before 7 pm and we will be ready for the last college game of the year. I'm forced to root for Bama. I really want TD to win his bet!! :)

Signing off to do my scripture reading and hopefully get a few hours of sleep. Really missing my goodnight kisses from TD, Brie and G and having G snuggled up to me sweetly sleeping.

Peace from Bethesda.

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