Friday, September 16, 2011

The Ps and the Gs this week....

What else is up, or as Gavin would say, “What’s that look like?”....

Gavin is doing great at preschool. He attends a Tuesday/Thursday morning program and we just finished up week three. This past week when driving around the roundabout on Killearny Way (in front of the church) Gavin would get excited and say, "My school! I go to school!" We wait outside for them to open the doors for the 9:00 am program and while we are waiting Gavin says hello and good morning to his other four classmates, Blake, Kate, Rachel and Zachary. Gavin very willingly goes right into his classroom, helps me put his back pack away, drops his snack into the snack basket, and goes off to play. I sign him in and he blows me a kiss good bye. It’s amazing what a big boy he is becoming. In the hallway leading up to his class room there is a cute "Gavin" picture he made describing himself. and on his cubby there is a picture his teacher took of him the very first day of school. All of the children’s families sent in pictures of their family for the kids to have posters of them on the wall in the classroom if they get home sick. I sent in about ten pictures for them to choose from and Gavin's teacher picked five photos. One is of Gavin and Gramma Gina, one of the five of us at Brie's dance recital, one of Gavin and Brie and the last two are of Connor and Miller. Grissom would be disappointed if he knew he got left out, lol. I’m just as happy as Gavin is with the program. He is coming home talking about Jesus and has new stories each day. Last week their theme was "All About Me" and this week it is "Down on the Farm." Today they had a visit from the Safari Man, but I have yet to get a story out of Gavin... he was too tired and fell asleep in my arms before I even got him into the bed after picking Jacob up from Leon yesterday.

Jacob and Brie's school is, well, school. The homework, tests and stress have begun. We will make it through, we will make it through (This is me finding my happy place)!!

Brie's dance started back last week and she has been twirling around the house, practicing her moves. She isn't taking art classes at Brush and Palette this semester because she’s enrolled in an art class at school. So far, her sketches are very creative and she said she is working on an awesome painting now. I can't wait to see it.

Jacob's favorite class seems to be his HOPE PE class. He is full of stories everyday about the things he is doing in there. Running track, doing push ups, and the latest was the long jump. He's sore some days, but I think it is so good for him. When we were in school we had a 45 minute PE class every day, every year! I'm so glad Jacob is outside moving around and getting exercise!

MOPS and MOPPETS started last week and I am so excited that I won't be missing meetings because of the trips to Gainesville. I love going to MOPS, learning and being part of such a wonderful group of moms. I really missed everyone these past few months.

Jacob got a new eye prosthetic. His original prosthetic was three years old and his socket has grown a lot so we were told it was best if he was made a new one. His new "eye" is nice, but needs a little tweaking. Jacob has another appointment in a few weeks to work out the kinks. Over all, though, he is happy to have a new one.

Jacob also received his resting splint. Mrs. Judy had Williams Orthopedics come see Jacob on Monday while he was with her for OT. It’s a sturdy splint that seems like it will hold up against Jacob! Jacob said it is comfortable, but hot. This morning he was complaining that his hand was a bit sore when he woke up, but that tells me it’s working. We want it to keep Jacob's right hand muscles stretched out and hopefully prevent any more "hooking" appearance. Thank you, Judy!

Speaking of OT, I had a converstation with the owner of Progressive Pediatric this week about vestibular rehab for Jacob. She said since Jacob is an older pedantic patient she thinks it would be best for him to see Charles G. Maitland M.D. Dr. Maitland has quite a resume. He is a professor and director in the Department of Clinical Sciences at the College of Medicine, FSU. He studied Pediatric Neurology and then Neuro-Ophthalmology at the University of California, San Francisco. Prior to his appointment at Florida State University, he served as clinical professor of Neurology at the University of Florida, Gainesville (a definite blemish on the ol’ resume!), and prior to that, associate professor of neurology at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Washington, D.C. During the latter appointment he served as the neuro-ophthalmology consultant to the Vietnam head injury study. He is currently director of Neuro-Ophthalmology, The Balance Disorders Clinic, as well as the National Parkinson’s Foundation Clinic in Tallahassee. He co-directs the Florida State University Neurolinguistic/Neurocognitive rehabilitation research center at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, where he also serves as director of Neurorehabilitation... And there is much, much more, but you get the picture. With the help of Dr. Julie Kelch's office, I got Jacob an appointment to see Dr. Maitland next Wednesday afternoon. I’m excited to see what he can offer Jacob to help restore some of Jacob's balance. I would really like for Jacob's, "I almost fell down the stairs today" or "I lost my balance in PE today and fell right on my back" stories to stop. We'll see.

Gavin and I took a trip to the Tallahassee Museum last Friday and had a wonderful time. All of the animals were out and about and the weather was nice. Gavin also went to his first Florida State Football game this past weekend and had a blast. Thank you, Jerry and Stephanie, for the tickets!! It was so great to see TD, Gavin and Brie smile so much. We really had a big time. It helped that FSU kicked some bootie! Jacob went to the game also, but not with us. One of his friends picked him up, they went and ate wings and went to the game. We never saw Jacob, but he said he had a great time.

Gavin is learning to ride a bike...well sorda :)

Scouts is out of summer mode and back in business. Popcorn sales have started, so be on the look out to buy some yummy Boy Scout popcorn this month!

Jacob's Facebook post of
this photo said "Needles Suck!"
This is what he slept in
Tuesday night.

Like I said in my earlier post, Jacob's infusion this week at TMH went well. We went to the hospital Tuesday evening when TD got home from work so Jacob could have his port accessed and labs drawn. The plan was to have the labs processed over night and Jacob's Avastin would be ready when we arrived in the morning. And it was! For those of you who have read my blogs, or those that are currently (or have in the past) undergoing treatment like this, you understand that this seemingly simple and small task is actually MONUMENTAL! We are ALWAYS WAITING! Anyways, we arrived at 7:45 am and the pharmacist was walking out as we were walking in. I filled out some first-time paper work and Jacob got hooked up to his Avastin. HIs nurse was super nice. She ordered Jacob breakfast and it arrived ten minutes after us. His tray consisted of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, frosted flakes, apple juice, milk and gatorade. Jacob had eaten a pop tart and a banana before leaving the house, so he wasn't that hungry, but he didn't pass up pancakes! We put on a Disney wildlife video and settled in for the next hour. I almost had a heart attack when Jacob said his line was leaking. The nurse had left the room and his Avastin was running out of the line onto his tank top... I quickly checked to see if the connector was screwed in all the way and since it wasn't I took it upon myself to do so. So much for gloves, masks and sterile cover-ups when handling Avastin! My fingers haven’t fallen off yet, so I guess I will be ok. Jacob received his infusion over a 30 minute period and then received the saline to make sure the medicine in the line got pushed through. We were back home by 9:00 am to get Brie to school by 9:20. The only downfall was that Jacob slept with his port accesses, which he said was weird, and without having the two hour ride home from Gainesville to rest, he slept for most of the day. I was hoping he would be able to go to school, but he couldn't. Overall it was a good experience. Extremely nice to be so close to home. We spent a total of 10 minutes travel time to and from the hospital and an hour for port access and an hour for infusion. Can't beat that. Jacob will return in two weeks.
Me - "What are you and Brie laughing about?"
Jacob - "Look at me! I look like I've been
in a car accident! Lumped Up!!"

Lastly, we are all getting really excited about the Miles for Hope, Running Towards A Cure event next Saturday. Jacob's team, Big J Willy! has raised almost $600.00. Thank you so much to those of you who donated to our cause and to those who will be walking and running with us next week. It really warms my heart to see the goodness in people come out. I will post pictures and blog about the event in a few weeks.

As for this weekend, we will be at home on Saturday if anyone wants to see us... Tallahassee is going to be nuts with #1 Oklahoma coming to get a beat down by #5 Florida State Seminoles!! Woot Woot. Go FSU!!

Thanks for reading!! And thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Seminole Chop!!

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