Monday, April 7, 2014

Today marks the start of week 3 of photon radiation treatments.

I didn't expect the grief I felt walking into the Ronald McDonald House this afternoon. Here we are again, separated from our loved ones to fight this never ending NF2 battle.

Last week Gavin really kept us busy and preoccupied. Jacob and Gavin spent a lot of time playing and horsing around.  Our room seems sadly quite and still.  It was hard to leave G this morning at school but he was happy and that's what matters. It helps to know that Gavin's has a great line up of play dates this week. I'm so thankful for the help of our amazing friends.We are truly blessed with so many loving people in our lives.

Jacob continues to feel pretty good as long as he can nap. We had a good weekend at home.  Being apart for long periods of time, once again reminds us of how precious our time together is and how much we take for granted.  On Saturday morning Gavin had his first T Ball game.  He is doing so awesome! He's got a killer swing and his throwing and catching is very impressive.  Can you tell I am a proud mommy?  His coach is to die for handsome too so I love going to the diamond :) After leaving the baseball field we ate a yummy breakfast and ventured out to pick strawberries at Orchard Pond Organics. This was my first time picking strawberries and my bag filled up quick.  I loved seeing all the little ones, with the red juice covered faces, enjoying some strawberries right on site...including my husband, lol.  On Sunday, we all made it to church together. I always love being in church, but it is especially wonderful with all of my family.  Even when Jacob is sleeping I am still so happy we are all there. It doesn't happen often, that all five of us can get there at once, but we did this weekend. It was, as always a moving message and I am happy to report Jacob did not fall asleep this time. I love our church so much. God is good! Sunday evening we enjoyed an evening at the new downtown Cascades Park. When they started construction forever ago I could not imagine what it would look like. It's really beautiful. There were families being active together, runners, walkers, cyclists, picnics going on and baby ducks. I saw kids laughing and being silly with each other and their families.  We did three laps, which is three miles and then watched Gavin play in the Discovery play area (slide, sand and mud) and then took him to the splash pad, aka the Imagination Fountain.  At 8:00 pm the fountain is turned off, cleared of kiddos and then they have a really cool lights and water show.  If you haven't seen it, pop over to my Facebook. I uploaded a short video.  We had a lot of fun!   Being outside, active and part of our community makes for a happy heart. Literally.  I even had a quick passing moment with a female runner I didn't know. TD thought it was hilarious, but it meant a lot to me.  If you travel the mile route around the park more than once you are bound to pass the same people multiple times. As we passed two women runners the second time I said, "looking good ladies!" With no response for them, TD was thinking how silly I am....but the next time she passed us, as I was pushing Gavin at a slow jog at an incline she said to me, "You're awesome!" Yep, she heard me the first time and returned the encouragement! Little happy moments, I want to recognized and appreciate them all.

Jacob and I had an uneventful drive down.  The weather in Orlando, unlike the tornado warnings at home in Tallahassee, is windy, hot and sunny.  Jacob had his radiation at 3:00.  We made our appointments for the week and had the nurses look at Jacob's burns that showed up late last week, his first outward physical signs of radiation.  His skin is sore, but doesn't really hurt unless you touch it or when I put lotion on it.  The irritation is especially bad where his scar is from his October brain surgery.  TD took him for a haircut Sunday so it is a bit easier to take care of the burned area now.  I guess his hair will fall out in those spots soon, but not sure when. His doctor will look at it on Wednesday when we see him.

I am hoping this week goes by quickly.  Jacob and I are SUPER excited and really looking forward to tomorrow night.  A very loving and giving family surprised us with Blue Man Group Show tickets at City Walk for Tuesday night.  EEKKK!! Can you hear the squealing of excitement coming through in my typing!?! I had hoped very much to do at least one cool thing with Jacob each week.  I think this show will cover that and then some!  So stay tuned to hear about that.

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