Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Short update 08.28.12

Another week has past. In the words of the oh-so-wise Will Ferrell, “Keep on truckin’!”

Brie is now officially a freshman in high school, and, even though her first week was a bit rough, she has a schedule filled with the best classes and great teachers and she is adjusting. The past two days have been good days for her at school and I'm really happy my "It will get better" pep talks are turning out to be the truth.

Gavin started school last week too and is a happy big PreK3 student! Gavin hasn’t missed a beat and loves his Tuesday/Thursday schedule! When I picked him up today, he said, "It's a really good day, Mom." His class is doing an All About Me unit and getting to know each other. Last week they had a visit from Dora and went on a star hunt, but we didn't get the whole story on that one. Today he said he really enjoyed devotional and I know he loves being on the big playground. I am also proud to brag that Gavin ran in his first cross county 3K (1.86 miles) race this past Saturday, the Miller Landing Madness, which benefited the Second Harvest Food Bank. Gavin finished in 26.53 minutes and only walked and complained a little. That's a long way for a little guy! TD and I loved running next to him and cheering him on (though I imagine there were some other parents there that might’ve thought we were a little too vocal about making sure he wasn't last!). Kids RUN This Town has challenges coming up in September and October and Gavin is going to be ready!!

Yesterday started a busy week for Jacob, who continues to do well and move forward in his healing. Jacob started back with school work (at home) this week and even took out a light load of recycling yesterday! He went to hand occupational therapy Monday afternoon and he will continue OT at Progressive Pediatrics once a week for the next three months for his left hand. Jacob is still coping with numbness, but his strength and range of motion are good. Today he had his braces adjusted and tomorrow he will have his teeth cleaned. Thursday is Nana's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mama! Jacob and I will have a little outing to see her. Friday will be a big day. Jacob will have his hearing tests, an audiogram and ABR testing done at Audiology and Associates here in Tallahassee and we are praying for good results and no hearing loss! I am excited about the three day weekend. I'm always happy to have TD home an extra day, but I will miss Jacob and Brie so much this weekend. Jacob will be making his first trip away from home Friday evening to see his dad and his family for the first time in over a month. Jacob said he is ready! TD, Gavin and I will be watching football, GO FSU, and eating. I have a huge One Week Boutique mess I need to work on and Tammy and I will be running on Monday, bright and early, in a 5K race to support our local Red Cross Hurricane relief. Wish us luck!!

I will let y'all know how the hearing evaluation goes and keep you posted on how Big J Willy is doing. We head to Orlando on September 10th to talk about Jacob starting Lapitinib. You can read about it here . It is the only drug being used in the NF2 community that Jacob hasn't tried yet.

Never giving up!!!

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