Saturday, August 11, 2012

Enjoying his warm and cozy recovery gift from Susan and fam :)

Dr. A came in and saw J this morning. He said Jacob looks really good, his MRI looks fantastic, his incision looks great, and if Jacob gets moving he can go home Monday. Our walk outside was brief, but J worked hard and he's now resting up for round two a little later....oh and no spinal fluid leakage at this time. All awesome news!!!

Jacob is extremely proud of his 19 staples, as he should be. I am very proud of Jacob and another battle won against NF2! Feeling very thankful for God's hands, all of your prayers and Dr. A right now

I am happy to announce that Jacob just had his port access removed!! It was his last string attached!!!

This is an original photo from ICU. His left arm & hand had three different lines in it for veins and artery. His chest was covered in monitors, his port in his upper right chest was accessed, he had a very uncomfortable catheter. Each monitor and access has been removed one by one as they were no longer needed. He is now line free!!
First time outside in six days

Taking a short break on our first long walk

Bring it!

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  1. glad you guys are home, Jacob looks great. love the top pic, go Rays! :-)