Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Family update...

The Legislative Session is over, Gavin graduated VPK, Brie is now a Junior with honors, Jacob is almost a senior, and, hmmm... I'm another month older and I’ve watched Frozen more times than I'm willing to admit.

We are already one week into our official Summer.  One week down!  The kids and I had a fun week last week, swimming, going to the Jr. Museum, and playing at the park.  Gavin got in a few no-training-wheel bike laps (with my help), started back to gymnastics, conquered swimming 25 meters unsupported in the pool, and warmed his legs up at the GWTC Summer track series 40 yard dash and 100 meter sprint.  Brie is filling out job applications and Jacob is working on finishing up 11th grade math in summer school while also finishing his two remaining merit badges and his Eagle Scout project.

We are preparing for a move after eight years in the same house.  I don't believe in jinxes, so I will say it.  We close on our first home this Friday the 13th.   I am super excited, very stressed, and feeling very blessed.  All at once.  A roller coaster.  Our home is upside down, littered with boxes, and there is a list of things that need to be done at both houses before the end of June, but it's all temporary.  A means to a happy beginning of a new chapter of our lives!

So, inevitably, here comes more craziness.

My biggest concern right now is that my daddy continues to battle Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, which, depending on who you ask, may or may not be the correct diagnosis.  He's also suffering from a type of heart failure.  One of his heart valves isn’t functioning properly and his lungs are filling up with fluid.  This weekend he made his second trip to the ER, being admitted to the TMH Cardiac floor.  Finally, after a month of waiting for the doctors to get it together and provide the appropriate referrals, he is finally having a TEE (Trans-Esophageal Echocardiogram) in the morning.  This will determine the best treatment for his heart.  Please pray for him.  I miss him feeling good, laughing, and being active.  Watching him battle for his health is breaking my heart.  He should have another good 20 years!!  My daddy is a very private person, so I will go ahead and ask for his forgiveness for publicly posting this, but I believe in the power of prayer and I have amazing prayer warriors!  I have also been praying for daddy's brother who recently suffered a debilitating stroke and has advancing Alzheimer's.  I’ve never thought about the difficult emotions of watching parents get older and struggle with their health.  It’s heart-wrenching in a  completely different way than being with a suffering child.

After we make it through Tuesday, the kids and I leave for Orlando on Wednesday morning.  Jacob will have labs and his brain and spine MRI Wednesday afternoon.  It's been over a month since Jacob's radiation was complete (I guess doctors get vacations, too), but it's close enough. We were told that this MRI may show swelling in the radiated tumor, that this month may not be a good indication of the progress. We most likely won't have a full clear picture of the tumor’s reaction for several months.  On Thursday, Jacob will see Dr. Smith in clinic for an exam and review of his MRI.  If his labs are ok, he will start on the Avastin drug therapy.  It takes the pharmacy about an hour to make the drug and get it to the clinic.  Jacob's first infusion will then take about 90 minutes to complete.  After that they push saline and observe Jacob for reaction.  Really thankful that our HMO approved Jacob to receive the Avastin!  That was a concern.  It's an every-other-week infusion. Jacob did 8 months of it in 2011, but went off of it because he needed the adrenal gland mass removed.  Anyway, clinic will be long for us on Thursday. Praying for Jacob's comfort and NO side effects!! After clinic, Jacob will see Dr. Ramakrishna for his post-radiation check-up and MRI review.  Jacob had headaches and some tiredness, but overall has done really well.  That appointment isn't until 3:30 pm, so with our four hour drive home, we are looking at a really long, exhausting day.

Friday morning we close on our house and then I have Yoga Teacher Training all weekend.  We will be painting, cleaning, moving, and, now that I’m listing out activities and opening my brain, I realized that our week of VBS starts shortly as well!  Very excited about volunteering again this year, but, wow, crazy timing.

TD and I continue to do our best to run, walk, or keep active.  TD is feeling better most days.  He's down over 20 lbs, which is a huge accomplishment.  I am very proud of his hard work.   My training for the Diva Half started today.  I'm really looking forward to our very first MRTT convention that race weekend!  It will be EPIC!!  I'm trying to talk TD in to running his first half at Gasparilla in February.  If you see him, tell him how awesome it will be (to collect life insurance).   :)

Enough updating. I will keep you posted on how Jacob is doing and his results.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and for keeping up with our journey.

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  1. Definitely sending the prayers!! Wayne's dad is now living with us, so we are experiencing a fraction of what you are referring to in dealing with our elderly parents/relatives and their health problems. {hugs}