Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick summary-

Jacob and I are done with our consult with radiation oncology. 

We both liked Dr. Ramakrishna
very much. He took a lot of time with us and seems very smart and kind. 

He is ordering a more precise MRI and an appt to create a thermoplastic mask for Jacob. Both of these will be used to do radiation simulation. We won't know which radiation approach will be used, fractioned or one shot radio surgery until after the simulation is done. Dr. Ramakrishna seems very thorough and he does believe Jacob's right facial schwanomma can be treated with radiation. He will go over the risks more thoroughly after he has all the information and decides which type of radiation is best. There will be a risk to the facial nerve but we don't know how high that risk could be yet. 
Radio surgery aka cyber knife is a one shot deal and fractioned aka stereotactic is five treatments a week for five weeks. Jacob will be treated either way in Orlando. 

We also discussed Jacob starting Avastin. Dr. Ramakrishna will work with Dr. Smith on that. 

So now we wait for tests and pray on more hard decisions. 

Tomorrow Jacob has eye appointments at Shands, so there's that too. 

Here's a link I found that simplifies the planning stages. 


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