Thursday, June 2, 2011

SAIT # 5 & 6

Last night was the worst Jacob has ever felt after an infusion. I felt really bad for him. He had pretty severe nausea, some mild vomiting, eye pain, a headache and was extremely emotional. He didn't eat much dinner (not that I blame him for that, hunter’s stew isn’t exactly my favorite either) and went to bed by 8:00 pm. He did go to school today since it was an exam day. His nausea was gone this morning, but he feels like he has the flu, complete with achy muscles and eye and head pain. I’m glad it was an early release day. I picked him up at 11:00 am because he didn’t have a second exam. He’s been taking Tylenol for the pain, but he didn't want to take any Zofran or Phenergan for the nausea. He ate a decent lunch today, so I’m hoping this afternoon he will feel better. He had a yearly evaluation at Division of Blind Services this afternoon (before the Lighthouse summer program starts) and he still wanted to go and get it over with. He’s going to call me if he needs to come home. He's a trooper!!

Aside from the after-effects, his infusion went well yesterday. Jacob was very happy that his dad and stepmom, Jill, were able to take him. I’m so glad everything went as planned. When Jacob got home yesterday he shared the events of the day with Brie and me. The first thing he very proudly said was that they were at the hospital before the office and lab even opened! Thank you, Jill!! If you know Bill (Jacob's dad), he is notoriously late for everything, so Jacob wanted to make sure I knew that he made it on time. Jacob said Jill had a checklist and made sure everything went as it was supposed to go (I hope Jacob will do this advocating for himself one day, but he isn't there yet). Jacob said his dad turned white when the nurse accessed his port and Jill was worried he was going to pass out (Todd, I know you can appreciate this!). He said they killed time by talking and laughing and he enjoyed looking up the history of some hospitals they are familiar with. Unfortunately, Jacob's cousin Nick (Jill's nephew) was suddenly diagnosed with brain cancer a month ago and is being aggressively treated at a children's branch of Emory Hospital in Georgia. Emory was one of the hospitals on the discussion list. Perhaps the most important part of any trip for Jacob, he had to tell me what he ate, with the meals for the day including McDonald's for breakfast and Cracker Barrel for lunch. As of yesterday morning we were waiting to hear from Camp Boggy Creek to see if Jacob had been accepted. Jacob said they checked out the board with info and pictures about Camp Boggy Creek yesterday before leaving. He said he slept on the way home because he was so tired. I guess the Avastin is catching up to him.

It was hard for me to not be there with Jacob yesterday. I felt like I was missing something important, but it is equally important for Jacob to share those times with other members of his family. As always, I appreciate any help we can get. I know it meant so much to Jacob to share that time with his dad and Jill.

Jacob has an MRI, CT scan and an Oncology appointment next Wednesday. Just another trip to Shands!

I did get the email yesterday afternoon informing us that Jacob has been accepted to attend Camp Boggy Creek the week of July 26th. He will attend camp with other children from North Florida who are suffering from cancer or other similar illnesses. We are so thankful and excited that Jacob is going to have this opportunity! Jacob is getting excited too (the nervousness is wearing off)!

Thank you again for your continued prayers and support and thank you for reading.

This was taken from Jacob's caring bridge.  I wrote a short post about Jacob's Infusion # 5.  Just adding it to keep things in order :)


Jacob's infusion last week went very well. It seemed very routine and everything went just as the previous trip. My mom went with us to help me with Gavin and keep Jacob company when I was taking care of Gavin. Thank you mama! Jacob was very tired on the way home and didn't feel well, but by the time we got home he was feeling better. By Thursday night he was back to himself and you wouldn't of even known he went for chemo the day before. On Friday Jacob went to his eight grade dance and wow! was he handsome in his dress clothes. I haven't seen him dressed up since Thomas and I got married five years ago. Jacob had a great weekend. The end of the school year is approaching so the kids are excited summer is almost here. Getting though exams is next!!

Jacob will go next week for his infusion and has an eye appointment. Jacob was very excited that his dad and step mom may take him. I'll let you know how that goes.

Thank you for the continued prayers and support. We are very thankful Jacob is doing so well on the Avastin. Hoping his June and August MRIs will show positive results!!

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