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My Gavin Notes

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My Gavin Notes

Time is moving by so quickly. I want so much to spend time and write all about Gavin and how much he is growing and changing, but Life is so busy right now. I thought in the spirit of trying to keep my Blog up to date. I would paste my notes I keep for Gavin's Baby Book. The beautiful Baby Book I haven't even started on yet.......

As of 12-08-2009
Gavin is crawling like crazy, pulling up and feeding himself crackers and puffs. He can hold his juice cup and drink well from a sippy. He is walking around the table and with push toys. He loves clapping and waving bye bye. His top 4 teeth are cutting through (he has had the bottom 2 since 4 months). Gavin loves music and is bouncing up and down whenever music comes on. He has started babbling dada, lala, ga, and bababa
G gets very excited to see Daddy (TD)

12-17-2009 8 months old!
Gavin is really enjoying Baby Time at the library. He is starting to do some baby signs. All done and milk are two I have noticed. G loves his bath and anticipates it nightly. We made his 1st Build A Bear. It is a Bunny name Buck.

Gavin has his 1st bad cold. He has had a mild fever, ear pulling and extremely snotty nose.
Lasted 5 days.
Gavin goes to his 9 month appt. Dr. Kelch said Gavin looks great. He is healthy and doing all of the expected milestones, plus some. Even though he has been sick she said his ears and chest are clear!
Gavin said milk!, twice. Plain as day. Jacob, Brie, TD and I all heard him. It was adorable. TD was drinking Coke from a clear glass and Gavin reached for it and said milk. It was really funny to think G has never seen milk before because he only nurses. Gavin has a very good appetite and will eat any baby food or solid given to him. He loves blue berries and strawberries. We gave him meat a few times, but the Doctor said to wait until a year. So no more meat.
Gavin is hammering on the nails on his work bench with the toy hammer - he gets it! He is standing alone for long periods of time and loving his swing on the porch that daddy hung up for him.

Gavin and I shared the sweetest moment. TD, Gavin and I were hanging out in bed, talking and watching TV. Gavin was in the middle of us. Out of nowhere Gavin leaned over, put his hands on my face and kissed me on the mouth. (I didn't even have to ask for a kiss.) I felt so very loved.

Gavin has been taking steps (1st 5 steps were on 02-03-10) and as of today is walking very freely all over the bedroom and living room. We have a walker!!

Gavin is loving his Sign, Say and Play Class. He is using baby signs to communicate with us more and more. He is signing milk, bye bye, hello, more, all done and bath. All done is a very useful sign. We are working on the sign for love. He has done it a few times. He understands many other signs, but isn't using them to himself. We will start our second baby signs class on March 4th. Ball is Gavin's 1st work. He also says Mama and Dada for what seems to be on purpose for TD and me. He can say bubble and makes the quack quack sound for duck. Gavin loves butterflies and always wants to touch the ones hanging in our house. He also recognizing pictures of butterflies in books and looks up to where they hang to show us "his butterflies." He also get excited about pictures of dogs and cats in books. He gets that too!
Gavin follows simple commands very well. He will "put the ball in the basket" and will share his food. He loves to blow kisses and give kisses (open mouth). Gavin will throw his hands up over his head when you ask him "How big is Gavin." Gavin will shake his hands and wiggle his bum when we sing "Shake your sillies out." He still loves music and will dance when you say "Gavin let's dance." He is still clapping and starting to learn to roll the ball with an adult or with Jacob or Brie. Gavin still loves to play peek a boo.

This weekend Gavin started shaking his head for no and making what appears to be a ssss sound for Yes. He has also started to feed himself with a spoon.
Gavin has learned how to crawl to the side of the bed, lay on his tummy and scoot off feet first. We worked on this for 3 days (3 x) and he got it. He is also getting very fast on his feet and walked for most of the time when at the park this weekend.

I am so in love with Gavin and with Jacob and Brie. (& TD) They really are little miracles of life God has given us.
Gavin is already so much an individual with so much personality and spirit. He has completed our family and my heart. I love all of my children so much. I feel so blessed to be their mommy and have each day as a new experience with them.
It is so amazing!!

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