Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting ready for Surgery...

Monday afternoon Granma Gina took Grissom and Connor home with her to stay for the week. (our Yorkie and Poodle) I am happy they are staying with someone who loves them and will take good care of them, but I miss my Grissom dearly! Thank you also to Mom and Dad for feeding our cats, Miller and Booger.

Monday evening I was worried we were going to have to reschedule Jacob's surgery.

When Jacob came home from his Dad's on Monday he told me he had come down with a headache and a fever of 100.2 late Sunday night. Jacob said he was feeling fine, but I was still worried. Monday afternoon I took his temperature again and it was 100.9 and he was coughing randomly. I started pushing Gatorade and water and giving him Robitussin expectorant. Monday night Jacob went to bed with only a 99.0 temp. Tuesday morning after craniosacral therapy for Jacob and a chiropractor appointment for me we headed to Dr. Julie Kelch's (our primary doctor) for Gavin's shots and a flu swab for Jacob. Gavin got his shots and Dr. Kelch looked over Jacob. Good news! Jacob was negative for flu, no fever and his chest sounded clear. We were on for our trip to Shands on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning (this morning) Thomas loaded the van for us, Jacob, Gavin and I dropped Brie off at school and got on the road for Gainesville. We got here early around 10:45 and stopped at Starbucks. After coffee, changing and feeding Gavin, and going potty Jacob and I had a nice conversation about how the rest of the day would go and who was going to visit him while we are here at Shands. I told him about all the wonderful calls and emails I have gotten and how many people were praying for him. We talked about the 10,000 angels watching over him and how Jesus and God are by our side.

At 11:45 we went to pre-op anesthesia / pre-surgery and saw the anesthesia doctor and did all of Jacob vitals. Once again - no fever and clear chest. Yea!

At 12:30 Jacob had his appointment with Dr. Pincus, the neurosurgeon. I filled out paper work and the nurse did Jacob's vitals. Again, Jacob sounded good. Gavin got changed and fed and was a happy boy, even though his 2nd bottom tooth is poking through. Around 1:00 Leigh Ann, the nurse practitioner came in and saw Jacob. She explained to Jacob how before and after surgery would go and gave us some shampoo for Jacob to wash his hair with tonight and tomorrow morning. Dr. Pincus came in next and went over the surgery with Jacob. We gave Jacob the choice to sit in or out while Dr. Pincus and I talked about Jacob's surgery and Jacob chose to leave the room. Dr. Pincus spent about 30 minutes answering my questions.

Explanation of surgery: ****************

Dr. Pincus will make an incision from the left ear to middle of the forehead, along the hair line. He will remove the skull (forehead area) above the left eye and the brain covering, then slightly retract the brain (very little) and work behind the left eye and optic nerve. Dr. Lewis will then come in and drill off (with a diamond drill bit - crazy right?) the part of the "bony tube" compressing the optic nerve. They will then look at the optic nerve tumor (meningioma) and see if it is in a place to biopsy. Dr. Pincus does not think they will be able to do this, but is keeping the possibility open. After all of this they will put everything back together and send Jacob to PICU for recovery. *****************

Next Jacob did blood work for blood typing - in case he needs a blood transfusion and then we went back to pre-op to see admissions.

At 3:30 we were done and eating at Subway.

I am thankful that we made it through this day. Step one is over.

We are ready for tomorrow, safely tucked into our hotel room, Jacob is healthy, Gavin is healthy and Thomas and Brie are on their way.

Oh, and the allergic reaction to the unknown bug bite all over my left arm and and under my eye is still out of control, but i think I will live :). It really stinks wearing long sleeves in September in Florida!


  1. Thinking of you and your family. Prayer and thoughts are with you

    Beth from FF

  2. I am praying that God guides Dr. Pincus' hands as he relieves the pressure on Jacob's optic nerve. Also, that Jacob's pain level is manageable and that he recuperates quickly with his sight intact! Those 10,000 angels will carry him through this difficult time. Much love to all of you,

  3. We are all praying for you! LOVE THE TAYLOR FAMILY